Student Policies :

Policy For Each Class :

1- The student should be online with all materials ready at least 5 minutes before the start of the class In order to harmonize the time amongst our students and teachers.


2- When it is time for the class to begin, the teacher will call the student to begin the class . If the student misses a call from the teacher, the student should call the teacher immediately. If there is no answer or the teacher is offline the student must send a message of absence to the Support Team .

Student Absences:

Scheduled Absences.

A. Short Term and Temporary

A student who wants to be absent from must send a message of absence  48 hours before the time of the class at : [email protected]

B. Up To 2 Weeks

A student who wants to be absent  up to two weeks must send a message of absence  48 hours before the time of the class at  : [email protected]

C. More than 2 Weeks

A student who wants to be absent  more than two week must send a message of absence 48 hours before the first missed class and must include in the message the beginning and the end of the absence period.


Unscheduled Absences:

A. Unscheduled Short Term

In the event that a student is absent from a class for any reason (outside of an emergency) without notifying the support team 48 hours prior to the absence, the class will be forfeited. If the student wants to schedule a make­up class for an unscheduled absence, the make­up class will be charged in addition to the regular monthly fee .

B. Unscheduled Long Term

In the event that a student is absent from a class, without prior  notice for 2 consecutive weeks, the student’s classes will be cancelled and they will not be assigned to their teacher anymore. To resume classes again, the student will have to contact the Support Team to arrange for a new schedule and teacher.

C. Emergencies

In the event that a student is absent from class because of  an emergency such that they cannot give a 48 hrs prior notice, they can request to reschedule the missed class at no cost to the student.


A. Temporary Adjustments

For all rescheduling requests we will do our best to meet the request of the student. However, due to teachers’ schedules we can not guarantee specific times or teachers for rescheduled classes. No more than 5 classes may be rescheduled per student per month.

B. Permanent Schedule Change

To change a schedule permanently the student should contactthe Support Team with their request at least 48 hours prior to the date of the requested change. We will try  our best to accommodate.


Way toArabic holidays:

1.  Day of Arafaat and 4 Days of Eid Al­-Adha

2.  Days of Eid Al-­Fitr

Students holidays:

A student who wants to be absent during a holiday celebrated in his country must send a message to the Support Team 48 hours before the holiday.


  • Thank you for reading the policy. Please understand that this policy is put in place to ensure that your lessons and the lessons of other students run as smoothly as possible. If you have any additional concerns that are not covered in this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us


Way to Arabic Support Team


 contact us at  :   [email protected]

or at  skype    :    alhassan.yousef

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