•  The Way to Arabic Language uses the best and easiest methods to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

  • We use different methods for teaching adults and children. For the latter we have a curriculum for teaching Arabic from the beginner level till advanced mastery of the language.

  •   We also provide a method to learn Arabic Language to be used in the workplace and in daily life and another method to learn Arabic Language to understand Quran and the Islamic Sciences.

  • We also teach recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran and give Ijaza in recitation and memorization according to the traditional readings transmitted from the Prohet Mohamed.

  • We also , it provide group and individual lessons in Doctrine (Aqeeda), Exegesis (Tafsir), Recitation (Tajweed), and Islamic Law (Shreea), using classical Islamic Siences books including :

    Ben Kathir Explanation, Sahieh Al-Bokhary Explanation, Saheih Moslim Explanation, Belogh Al-Maram Expanation, Manar Al-Sabeil Explanation, Al-Tawhid Book, Al-Wasetia Doctrine, Al-Tahawia Doctrine and Origins of Al-Sonna for Imam Ahmed etc.

  • Students who attended the lessons will be tested and given a certificate of completion upon success.

  • The Arabic Language is taught by the best specialized teachers in teaching Arabic Language for those who don’t speak it.  Also,it is taught by Sheiks who have very high reputations in the Islamic World.  

  • Also, the Islamic Sciences are taught by a group of Sheikhswith Advanced Degrees in Islamic Sciences.


  • Way to Arabic is based in  Cairo, Egypt